So what do you do when you turn 30 and realize you’ve had it wrong planning out your life? Well, I started asking around and listening a little more and realized I was not alone. In fact, a whole bunch of us are cluless as to what happened to “the plan”. So what’s this blog going to be about? Everything. Well, almost. There are things that I have been talking about wanting to do for years and I want this to be, in a small way, less about the talking and more about doing it. A lot of you reading this have given me a lot of “no joy” for stuff I should have done many moons ago. So what’s going to be the main theme, the gist of it? Well, it may help if you have a little perspective. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s Kenya and back then, the individual and his opinion were not highly regarded. That was my experience. I felt like we all followed a set of rules; formulas with relatively certain outcomes. In some ways, that structure was good because it instilled some discipline in me but it also left me feeling a tad lost especially after I moved to America – the land of the individual. It has taken me a while to see value in the individual “me”. I am yet to fully appreciate how… perfectly uncommon I am. I have a personal filter through which I see life, a personal view point. I know this because there’s only one of me. There has never been and never will there be another me. Ever! If I don’t let me live fully, what a waste of God’s creativity. Even before He formed me, He knew me. That’s Radical man! So on with it.