I once read a book by John Maxwell titled Failing Forward. Or was it Falling Forward? I don’t remember exactly what I was going through but it must have been one of those seasons that beg for a thoughtful book. It’s a wonderful read nonetheless. I’m struggling with some recent failures in my career pursuits, not the kind of failure that floors you but the kind that takes the wind out of you, you know? I am also angry – not sure who or what with. I am a little angry at God. Actually, a lot. See, I am a big believer that the moment God sees you in the fight, He brings in the big guns to help you triumph. This past week, it felt like being in those wrestling matches where you tag you partner they rush in with fresh energy and knock the living daylights out of the opponent. That’s how I see it and the thing is, it felt like I kept hinting at Him that I was struggling and He just watched. Said nothing. Ok, I know I am not unique with this. We all struggle. Still it does not take away the right to vent, maybe even whine. I am also quite angry at myself. I am also a big believer in preparation and I wasn’t prepared when the task to advance came before me. So now I am licking my wounds wondering what to do next, wondering whether I have the strength to go back into the ring. In all this though, I still feel like I can confidently say that “I know whom I have believed and I’m still persuaded…” So here’s to failing forward.