My name is Kusherian. I am a regular chap in love with “the” irregular God. I am married to the most stunning woman (inside out) on the planet. Music is my third love – I love to sing and play electric bass but not together though! I am the second son (third of seven children) of the most incredible and adorable Kikuyu couple. I love hot tea and Dick Gordon’s radio show “The Story” is my favorite media production. I am conscious about my weight – even though I’ve lost about ten pound in the last two months, I feel like I look like a smaller version of the heavier me. I am completely into Brickhouse – a ministry of the Potters House of Dallas. I am terrible company when I am hungry or tired. I wanna travel through Europe and the Mediterranean. I miss my grandma.

This whole blogging thing is brand new to me. However, I am not going to wait until I know how to properly organize the posts and pages to start. As you can tell, all my posts are in one spot even though they are completely unrelated. I want to have different tags and tabs for different things but I don’t know how. Yet. So be patient. If you have some ideas, throw them my way. Your critique and comments of the content and my thoughts are most welcome. I know the layout is so not cool so give me time on that before sending out the hounds. All the same, talk to me.